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Privacy Is the Key—and the Greatest Secret

The principal reason that many strategies can be worked through Nevada corporations is the one thing that seems to be disappearing very quickly in this age of “globalization” and increased tracking of every individual—in a word—PRIVACY.  Unlike almost anywhere else in the world, Nevada affords privacy of ownership and control of its corporate structures.

IF YOU CANNOT GET YOUR MIND AROUND THIS FACT, YOU WILL NOT BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THE STRATEGIES THAT CAN BE UTILIZED. No matter what you are told by the best educated, most highly respected and highly paid advisors, unless THEY understand this fact they simply will not be able to integrate their knowledge with the knowledge presented in these pages.

To almost all tax advisors, the premise of establishing privacy in one’s financial affairs is, well, almost ludicrous. They certainly were never taught this in their courses as they studied to conquer the 10,000-plus pages of the tax code relating to corporations.  It’s too bad, really, because they have such an absolute wealth of knowledge—and yet, they are missing the key to understanding how to make all of that knowledge really work for the benefit of their clients. We say “almost all tax advisors” because there certainly are some sharpies in places like Washington, DC. Isn’t it about time, however, that the “little people” gained an equal footing.”?

Perhaps you can educate your existing advisor. It is more likely, however, that you will end up having to be a very dumb business person, in their eyes.  You might have to tell them that you owe a friend a favor, which is why you continue to do business with that friend’s Nevada corporation in such a way that it’s sucking your home-state business dry every year. And they will watch helplessly as your poor home-state business struggles to keep going, taking on more and more debt.  And all you can do is shrug and say, “Well, I guess I don’t have to worry much about anyone suing me!”

In our Nevada Corporation Manual regarding PRIVACY, we discussed a number of the privacy tools that are available to the “caretaker” of a Nevada corporation: non-issuance of stock; nominee service; nominee stockholders; and irrevocable proxies. We discussed how Nevada: does not keep a record of stockholders; does not require stock to be issued; does not require annual meetings of the stockholders; imposes sanctions against outsiders’ use of corporate records for purposes contrary to the interests of the stockholders (NRS 78.257); allows one-person corporations; allows directors to determine the value of stock issued for services; and allows Directors to make changes to the Bylaws of the corporation.

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