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To place your order, use the dropdown lists to the right of the descriptions below to select your options. Each “item” (category, e.g. “Standard Corporation” or “Privacy Options”) must be placed in the “shopping cart” separately. Then, from the following page, you will be given the option to “Continue Shopping” to complete your order.  Please call us at (775) 577-4822 and we will be pleased to take your order over the phone.



BEST VALUE: Corporation with Standard Kit, includes first-year resident agent fee; filing of the articles of incorporation; corporate charter; file-stamped copy of the articles; bylaws; attractive, durable "document manager" case with corporate resolutions, instructions and stock ledger.
LOWEST PRICE: "Bare Bones" does not include corporate records kit, resolutions, instructions or stock ledger.
DELUXE: Deluxe Kit adds 10 pre-printed stock certificates and a corporate seal, along with an upgrade to a deluxe leather-like binder with sleeve and a brass-tone nameplate on the binder spine. Classy!

The initial list of officers must be filed by the first day of the second month following incorporation, accompanied by a fee of $165 payable to the secretary of state.

How quickly do you want the corporation formed?

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Privacy Options, Bank Account

NOMINEE SERVICE: This service provides a nominee, who appears on the public State records as all officers and director of your corporation. A simple corporate resolution (provided) ensures that you retain control from behind the scenes.
OBTAIN EIN: We can not obtain the Employer Identification Number for the corporation without using your Social Security Number.
MAIL FORWARDING: Have your mail (particularly bank statements) sent to our Las Vegas address, then forwarded to you from here for an added measure of privacy.
We can assist with a bank account setup for the corporation without the signer's physical presence at the bank (except for non-U.S. residents).

Should we obtain the EIN using your SS#?

Would you like to arrange for mail forwarding service?

Should we set up the corporation's bank account?

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Annual Corporate Renewal Fees, INCLUDES State Filing Fee of $125

Please note that the $125 annual filing fee of the Nevada Secretary of State is included in all prices. If Silver Shield Services, Inc. is not currently your resident agent, you must also order "Change of Resident Agent" separately, below. To be filed on time, all fees must be received by Silver Shield Services, Inc. in sufficient time to file with the Secretary of State by the end of the corporation's anniversary month. Also, your corporation must have a business license (selectable from "A La Carte Services", below).

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  Change Resident Agent

Isn't it about time you experienced customer service from your Resident Agent? Silver Shield Services provides top-notch service--at low prices! Note that the signature of an officer is required on a "Change Resident Agent" form, which must then be presented to Silver Shield Services for acceptance in order to effect the change.

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  A La Carte Services

Select any single additional option and add it to your shopping cart. Then, if you need to add other services, click on "Continue Shopping" and select additional services, one at a time.

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  Other State Filings: Certificates

The most commonly requested certificates are the Certificate of Existence (also known as Certificate of Good Standing), used primarily when qualifying a Nevada corporation to do business in another state, and the Apostille, which is often required for banking purposes in foreign countries. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery without expedite service (optional).

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  The Nevada Corporation Manual

To our knowledge this is the single best, most comprehensive source of information regarding the "care and feeding" of your Nevada corporation. This 200-page manual contains much information that simply is not available anywhere else and is a "must have" for anyone who has or is seriously considering establishing a Nevada corporation. Shipped by Fedex Ground or Priority Mail within the United States, First Class Mail to international destinations.

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